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Is there pricing elasticity?
What’s proprietary?
What’s the company’s competitive advantage?
Status of employment agreements and non-competes?

Are there cost savings after purchase?
Are there significant capital expenditures pending?
Is there synergy with the seller?
Is it perceived the integration will go smoothly?
Are there substantial cross-selling possibilities?
Will the cultures blend?

The Financials: By training and education, many business appraisers emphasize the numbers. They will look at the past, current and future numbers. They will consider all the basic financial figures such as:
• growth rate
• return on investment
• gross profit percentage
• EBITDA percentage
• industry metrics
• debt to net worth
• book value

Fundamentals: Business appraisers should also consider the company’s history, its management, products, distribution, etc. The following should also be seriously considered: multi-products, different markets, wide distribution and the quality of management.

Value Drivers: These are important business elements that are most often ignored or completely overlooked by business appraisers.  However, they are very important to a potential buyer.
• product differentiation
• defensible position
• technology
• dominant market share
• well-known brand(s)
• cost advantage
• proprietary customer


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